General Botany and Plant Physiology (LRR / OBFO)

Course objectives:
Choice chaps from generely botany and plant physiology.
Requirements on student
Knowledge in extent of the lectures and selected literature
Part General Botany – Plant cell, organelles, mitosis and meosis. – Tissues and system of tissues, meristems primary and secondary. – Morphology and anatomy of roots, stems, needles and leaves, their evolution, structure, meaning, economic signification. – Plant reproduction, propagation vegetative and sexual. – Morphology and anatomy of reproduction organs, pollination and fertilization , flower formula. – Morphology and anatomy of seeds and fruits, dispersal of seeds, economic signification. Part Plant Physiology – Water and Plant Cells, Water Balance of Plants, Water in Plant Life. – Mineral Nutrition and Asimilation. – Photosynthesis: The C3 and C4 Carbon Cycle. Crassulacean Acid Metabolism (CAM). Photorespiration. Sucrose and Starch. – Membranes and Solute Transport and Translocation in the Phloem – Respiration. Germination. – Phytochrome and Light Control of Plant Development. Stress Physiology.
Guarantors and lecturers
  • Recommended: Raven P. H., Evert R. F. & Eichhorn S. E. Biology of Plants. W. H. Freeman and Company, New York, 1999.
  • Recommended: Larcher, W. Fyziologická ekologie rostlin. Academia, Praha, 1998.
  • Recommended: Dickison W. C. Integrative Plant Anatomy. Harcourt, Academic Press, San Diego, London, Tokyo, 2000.
  • Recommended: návody ke cvičením[]=460#k460.
  • Recommended:
  • Recommended: Vinter V. Základy anatomie cévnatých rostlin a anatomický atlas cévnatých rostlin. UP, Olomouc, 2006.
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Prerequisites – other information about course preconditions
V rámci cvičení zvládnout základní techniky mikroskopování.
Competences acquired
Student should be able to (after attending the course): – Describe the Plant cell, organelles, mitosis and meosis. – Describe the Plant Tissues and system of tissues. – Describe the Morphology of Plant organs. – Explain the Plant reproduction. – Describe the function of Water in Plant Life. – Describe the function Mineral Nutrition and Asimilation. – Explain the Photosynthesis. – Describe the Plant Membranes and Solute Transport and Translocation in the Phloem.
Teaching methods
  • Lecture
  • Observation
  • Laboratory Work
Assessment methods
  • Mark
  • Written exam