Success in the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) competition

At the end of last year, our colleague Jaroslav Nisler from the Institute of Experimental Botany of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic succeeded, winning an honorable mention in the competition of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency the Next Gen Fertilizer Innovations Challenge.

Jaroslav Nisler was successful with concept of using derivatives of the plant growth hormone MTU, which helps create longer growth periods, protection from stress, larger plants, and potentially less nutrient loss per unit of fertilizer applied.


Another Top SCIENCE!!! Michal Karady works on study of plant roots sense

Congratulation for Michal Karady and his collaboration leading to scientific article in SCIENCE!!!


News of the Faculty of Science of Palacký University (text in Czech only: Jan Kolář, Šárka Chovancová)
Kořeny poznají dobrou půdu od zhutněné. Díky plynu, který působí jako hormon…pusobi-jako-hormon-1/


Pandey BK, Huang G, Bhosale R, Hartman S, Sturrock CJ, Jose L, Martin OC, Karady M, Voesenek LACJ, Ljung K, Lynch JP, Brown KM, Whalley WR, Mooney SJ, Zhang D, Bennett MJ (2021) Plant roots sense soil compaction through restricted ethylene diffusion. Science 371(6526): 276-280. DOI: 10.1126/science.abf3013

Snímky byly získány pomocí rentgenové počítačové tomografie: University of Nottingham


Mutant roots reveal how we can grow crops in damaged soils
by Malcolm Bennett, Bipin Pandey and Sacha Mooney, The Conversation…/2021-01-mutant-roots-reveal-crops…

Hard to crack research reveals how crop roots penetrate hard soils
by University of Nottingham…/2021-01-hard-reveals-crop-roots…


Top SCIENCE! – Jakub Hajný works on project in IST Austria

Congratulation to Jakub Hajný (partly to our doctoral student) and all other colleagues from IST Austria!!!

Molecular compass for cell orientation

Scientists at IST Austria discovered how the hormone auxin coordinates the cells during vasculature formation and regeneration

The left picture shows how a plant usually regenerates a wound. The right side depicts the regeneration without the CAMEL/CANAR receptor complex. The injury cannot regenerate properly. © Jakub Hajný / IST Austria

Hajný J, Prát T, Rydza N, Rodriguez L, Tan S, Verstraeten I, Domjan D, Mazur E, Smakowska-Luzan E, Smet W, Eliana Mor E, Nolf J, Yang BJ, Grunewald W, Molnár G, Belkhadir Y, De Rybel B, Friml J (2020) Receptor kinase module targets PIN-dependent auxin transport during canalization. Science 370(6516): 550-557. DOI: 10.1126/science.aba3178


agronomyGuest editor of special issue of the Agronomy – the Open Access Journal of MDPI – Dr. Jana Oklešťková invites you to publish in this journal:

“This Special Issue is focused on introducing the latest interesting findings on the roles of phytohormones and their crosstalk in the abiotic stress adaptation of major crops. We therefore invite submissions on topics including, but not limited to, the following: (1) the effect of plant hormones on the growth and development of crops; (2) the use of plant hormone derivatives as biostimulants to increase yields; (3) phytohormonal profiling during stress conditions; (4) phytohormonal crosstalk as a response to abiotic stresses.” sais Jana.

The flyer in PDF

The deadline is 30 September 2020!

Software for automatic survival analysis of model nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

In LGR, we recently developed a software for automatic survival analysis of model nematode Caenorhabditis elegans. This work was supported by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic (project LTC17072). This software allows the automatic image acquisition using flatbed scanners and subsequent image analysis. The authors are Jan Michelfeit and Alena Kadlecová. See the following link for details:

Dr. Ondřej Novák has received the Dean’s Excellence Award

The dean of the Faculty of Science of the Palacký University appreciated the authors of the best scientific publications and outstanding educators. Among the ten award winning authors of prestigious scientific publications is dr. Ondřej Novák from the Laboratory of Growth Regulators. As the main author, he published his work in the prestigious scientific journal Annual Review of Plant Biology, whose current Impact Factor is 22.808!


Novák O, Napier R, Ljung K (2017) Zooming In on Plant Hormone Analysis: Tissue- and Cell-Specific Approaches. Annu. Rev. Plant Biol. 68:18.1–18.26, doi:10.1146/annurev-arplant-042916-040812