Fundamentals of Chemical Calculations (KBC / ZCHV)

Course objectives:
The seminar of chemical calculations.
Requirements on student
Test: correctly calculate 2/3 of chemical/mathematical problems
The seminar of chemical calculations. Atomic and molecular weight, chemical nomenclature, determination of chemical formula, calculation from chemical equations. Solution composition (percentage and molar concentration), mixing and dilution of solutions, oxidation-reduction reactions, pH calculation, buffers. Introduction to valuation of analytical results.
Guarantors and lecturers
  • Recommended: Kameníček J., Šindelář Z., Klečková M. Příklady a úlohy z obecné a anorganické chemie. UP Olomouc, 2007.
  • Recommended: Kotouček M. Příklady z analytické chemie. UP Olomouc, 1982.
  • Recommended: Šípek M. Sbírka příkladů z chemie. SNTL Praha, 1974.
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Time requirements


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Competences acquired
Student should be able to (after attending the course): – Use chemical nomenclature, determinate chemical formula – Calculate from chemical equations. – Calculate values for solution composition and pH. – Evaluate the analytical results.
Teaching methods
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Assessment methods
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