Laboratory Practicals of Microbiology (LRR / MIKCV)

Course objectives:
The goal of this course is to teach students basic microbiological techniques and to show them the importance of microorganisms in nature and in daily life.
Requirements on student
100% attendance on practice, write laboratory reports, obtain minimum 85% points in report evaluation and 60% points in control tests.
Laboratory course consists of several thematic parts: 1. Safety in microbiological laboratory. 2. Preparation of cultivation media and sterile tools. 3. Cultivation and morphology of microorganisms. 4. Aseptic technique and methods for isolation of microorganisms. 5. Determination of the number of microorganisms. 6. Influence of various factors on microbial growth. 7. Physical and chemical methods of microbial growth control. 8. Microscopic examination of microorganisms. 9. Principles of bacterial identification. 10. Eukaryotic microorganisms. 11. Presence and analysis of microorganisms in water and soil. 12. Microorganisms in food.
Guarantors and lecturers
Time requirements


Time requirements for activity [h]


Homework for Teaching




Prerequisites – other information about course preconditions
Competences acquired
Ability to apply fundamental microbiological techniques.
Teaching methods
  • Observation
  • Demonstration
  • Laboratory Work
Assessment methods
  • Student performance