General Biology (BOT / OBBC)

Course objectives:
Reviewing the basic general biological knowledge for students coming from various types of high schools.
Requirements on student
exam – written test; knowledge in extent of the lectures
Main accent is stressed on advances in Plant Sciences. General characteristics of the life on earth, hierarchical classification of life, chemist of living organisms, types of cells, plant tissues, plant vegetative organs, metamorphosis, generative organs. Animal tissues, organs, body structures f plants and animals, symmetry, topography, natural, sexual and artificial selection, adaptation, convergence and divergence. Next – basic of genetics, cell cycle, structure of DNA, its repair, mutations, evolution, development of life and phylogeny.
Guarantors and lecturers
Prerequisites – other information about course preconditions
Knowledge of high school biology.
Competences acquired
Student should be able to (after attending the course): – Describe cytology, histology and architecture of Plants. – Describe cytology, histology and architecture of Animals. – Explain phylogeny of Plant Architecture and organs in Animals. – Explain basic genetics – Explain and describe theories of life origin and its development on the Earth
Teaching methods
  • Lecture
  • Projection (static, dynamic)
  • Laboratory Work
Assessment methods
  • Mark
  • Written exam