Bases of Immunochemistry (LRR / ZICH)

Course objectives:
Bases of Immunochemistry Basic informations. Utilization of immunochemical methods in medicine.
Requirements on student
80% fruitfulness on imposition
Bases of Immunochemistry Basic informations, Antigen-antibodies interactions, The affinity, The avidity, Cross reactions, Isolation and purification of antibodies, Monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, Preparation of conjugates, Precipitation and agglutation reactions, Immunoelectrophoresis, Immunodiffusion, Immunoanalysis, Immunoaffinity chromatography (IAC, IAC-HPLC/MS), Utilization of immunochemical methods in medicine, Utilization of antibodies in cytology.
Guarantors and lecturers
  • Recommended: Philips, T. M. Analytical Techniques in Immunochemistry. Mercel Dekker inc., 1992.
  • Recommended: Johnstone, A., Thorpe R. Immunochemistry in Practice. Blackwell Science, 1996.
  • Recommended: Ferenčík M. Imunochémia. Alfa, Bratislava, 1989.
  • On-line library catalogues
Time requirements


Time requirements for activity [h]

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Prerequisites – other information about course preconditions
Immunology and Biochemistry – basic information
Competences acquired
Describe and explain the bases of Immunochemistry.
Teaching methods
  • Lecture
Assessment methods
  • Written exam